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Exhibits are a part of the time-honored tradition of fairs. It’s a chance for community members of all ages to come together in the spirit of true competition. Check out all of the fantastic exhibits at MontanaFair.


Location: Expo Center

After a year of hard work, local 4-H’ers display projects and participate in educational experiences critiqued by an adult expert at MontanaFair. 4-H kids’ projects include livestock, dog training, fashion design, cake decorating, pocket pets, and more! Be sure to check out all of their impressive projects.

Livestock and Agriculture

Location: Expo Center, Super Barn

See chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, horses, wool, crops and more at MontanaFair! Agriculture is a leading industry in Montana and is integral to the tradition of fairs. You’ll find animals to see and lots to learn in agricultural exhibits at MontanaFair!

Needlework, Crafts, Culinary Arts, and Horticulture

Location: Montana Pavilion

The Home & Heritage Arts Department includes decorative arts, art needlework, horticulture, and culinary arts. In the Montana Pavilion you can find handcrafted sewing projects, quilts, canned goods, gourds, pickles, wood working, potted plants, cakes, wine, petunias, scrapbooks, cookware demonstrations, handcrafted leather goods and more!

Pocket Pets, Poultry and Rabbits

Location: Expo Center (First Friday-Sunday only)

Furry and feathery critters are located in the Heritage Building at MontanaFair. Take in the wide variety of beautiful birds, cute and cuddly rabbits and pocket pets including gerbils, amphibians, reptiles, spiders and more. Come and see these cute critters the first weekend of MontanaFair!

Youth & School Art

Location: Exhibit Hall

Kids showcase their pottery, drawings, paintings, sculptures, crafts and other art projects! Divisions begin at 3 through 4 years of age and continue at two year increments until 17years through the current years’ high school graduates. All classes and age group divisions are awarded 1st through 3rd place ribbons.

Fine Art and Photography

Location: Cedar Hall

Paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and more fine art can be found in Cedar Hall. Local and regional artists display their best work to compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. Find something you like and it may even be for sale! There will be live demos throughout the week too.

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