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We are pleased to announce a bigger and better partnership with SCRaPtacular at Montana Fair. This year SCRaP will be moving to the Sandstone building so that we can include the Community Stage and all the talent that brings, we will be able to have our Enchanted Castle with all our Characters, the Yellowstone Woodturners will be demonstrating on a regular time schedule as well as our 3D PrinterGeeks and traditional Artist demonstrations.

To add more excitement, we will be helping the fair by providing art classes in all mediums from now until fair time that fit their categories. The bonus to you is if you take a class with us and enter that item in the fair there will be no entry fee.

We will provide you with a receipt that shows you created that item with us, and they will then waive the fee. We believe this is a win all the way around, we get to teach some new crafts, the fair gets some more entries and you get to enter free and have a chance to win some premium cash.

Let’s get busy and make Montana Fair SCRaPtacular!

Share Create Reuse and Promote is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation and operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

SCRaP will be in the Sandstone Building at MontanaFair open from noon to 9 pm daily with a special early opening at 10am on Monday, August 12. They will have interactive demonstrations along with a donation station.

For more information, contact Tammy Zemliska 406-850-1876.
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