DigIt Days
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DigIt Days

Date: Aug 18 - Aug 19, 2023
Bring the family and let the kids play in the dirt!

Welcome to Yellowstone DigIt Days! This fun family-centered event will bring industry professionals together with kids and families while learning safety whenever digging in the ground!

Kids get to play with the real stuff, get pictures and learn while having a blast all in one Day!

We will have construction equipment of all kinds for kids to play around, climb over, operate and get pictures with. From backhoes, motor graders, and dump trucks to excavators and mini track hoes, this fun filled family event will bring out the kid in all of us. Whether you are big or small, this event will bring industry professionals and families together in educating, promoting and building memories unlike any other.

Activities include:
  • Operate heavy equipment like backhoe, excavator, trackhoe, or even a mini track hoe,
  • Play “King of the sand pile”, find prizes and use toys
  • Drive Big Tractors,
  • Sit in a big Dump Truck,
  • Get free t-shirts and stuff (500 free t-shirts will be given out each day so come early!)
  • Get free Dig It Days toy hard hat. (first 500 people)
  • Get pictures with heavy equipment
  • Pan for gold
  • Learn about safety before digging
  • Decorate a concrete stepping stone to take home afterword,
  • Spend time with family, kids and grandkids
  • Eat some good food
  • Have fun and receive more FREE stuff!
  • Watch Equipment Operators battle for the Big Dig Contest! Friday August 20 @ 2pm at Yellowstone Dig It Days.

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