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Competitive Exhibit Sponsor

Show your support to MontanaFair by becoming a sponsor of one of our many Competitive Exhibits!

If you believe that your business would be an ideal partner for MontanaFair. We would like to offer you an opportunity to partner with us.

As a Competitive Exhibit Sponsor your business would receive a range of benefits such as:
• Brand visibility and recognition through promotional materials and advertising
• Access to a large and diverse audience of potential customers

In addition, your partnership would contribute to the success of MontanaFair and help support the local economy, a benefit to businesses and residents alike.

The Sponsorship package starts at $500 and we hope that you will consider this opportunity to partner with us for this exciting event. If interested please reach out to Cody Reitz at or Darcie Tempel at

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2024 Competitive Exhibit Sponsor

Please complete the form below to be a Sponsor of one of our many Competitive Exhibits!

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Cody Reitz
Marketing & Sales Director

Darcie Tempel
Marketing & Sales Coordinator
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