Boys Like Girls with 3OH!3 and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
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Boys Like Girls with 3OH!3 and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Date: Aug 09, 2024
Time: 7:00 PM
Cost: Prices Vary
Discover the ultimate destination for music enthusiasts at MontanaFair on August 9th! Experience the dynamic performances of Boys Like Girls, 3OH!3, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!

BOYS LIKE GIRLS ignite this new era with “Blood and Sugar”. On the track, neon synths wrap around a stomping guitar as the chorus cleverly reminds, “Even though the girl’s a looker, we’re only blood and sugar, right?”. With a swaggering bridge punctuated by warbling synths and howls straight-the-heart, it’s classic Boys Like Girls with an infusion of experience and wisdom. “I think of it as a relationship with a bunch of empty calories,” Johnson reveals. “You’re talking about how human beings are just blood and sugar. You might fear this girl, but we’re all just skin and bones, so why can’t you move on Sonically and dynamically, I hope it’s like getting shot out of a cannon ten times. It’s something we can’t wait to go out and play.”

3OH!3 stands for 303, the telephone code for Boulder, Colorado, which happens to be the number-one question Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman get asked in interviews... well, that and, "how tall are you?!" (they're 6'8" and 6'1", incidentally). So now that that’s out of the way we can get to the juicer details of this mountain-raised, finely-aging boy band. 3OH!3 continue to tour all over the world, and HELL YES, they will still play all your favorite hits off of their first album WANT so your “middle school self” can truly live. They've played shows on every continent except for Antarctica (too cold). 3OH!3 are still hard at work writing and producing music. Their recent releases include the singles "Lonely Machines feat 100 Gecs" and "I'm So Sad" off their album NEED. Nat and Sean also write and produce songs for other artists including Maroon 5, BTS, Kesha, Illenium, Ariana Grande, Lil Jon, Black Bear, and MAX, to name a few. These pioneers of the early aughts party scene can teach you how to party - just come see your favorite Boulder Boyz in a city near you sometime soon. Or just stream "Don’t Trust Me" "My First Kiss" and "Starstrukk" on endless repeat - either way, they've got nothing but love for you and yours.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus began their expedition into the hearts and minds of a generation 20 years ago. Their blazing 2006 single "Face Down" delivered both anthemic choruses and a strident message about domestic abuse, achieving both sales accolades and adoration from crowds all over the planet. They’ve accomplished a massive amount, from 5x platinum record sales to enormous streaming numbers and a remarkable touring history, but the band’s real success begins and ends with the dedication and passion frontman Ronnie Winter has for his fans. From the poignancy of “Face Down” to the blistering fan favorite “Brace Yourself” (from 2020’s The Emergency EP), the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus continue to put sweat equity and sincerity into a world that desperately needs it in no uncertain terms. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have proven how far you can go by opening your heart and diming your guitar amps. This isn’t nostalgia—this is right now.

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Boys Like Girls with special guests 3OH!3 and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Boys Like Girls with special guests 3OH!3 and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Aug 09, 2024 | 7:00 PM
Prices Vary
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